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Linen / Pillow Spray Lavender Mint


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Y’all if you have not tried Lavender Mint Pillow Spray you are missing out!!!  Heavenly!! Just saying. 

This 10 second trick might be the easiest best hack for helping you get to sleep faster!! 

We all value our sleep!  If you are having troubles with sleep this is a must!

This is homemade with luxury high end 100% pure lavender and mint oils.  Aiding in deep relaxation, relieving stress and anxiety.   

Just spray a kiss of this on your linens and cozy in for the night. 

1 review for Linen / Pillow Spray Lavender Mint

  1. Stacie Overman

    I have used the Lavender pillow spray and I love to get in bed and have that refreshing aroma on my pillow. It refreshes and soothes my body and I sleep so good.
    ~Sandy Williams

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